In order to respond to todays' grand challenges in business and society, we believe that the ability to collaborate across boundaries is a crucial leverage in achieving the proper mindset for this new reality. We want to partner with every leader and organization that is ready to re-set its own mindset and business, in order to become a solution for the future, and not the problem...

That is why we call ourselves social architects: we generate new realities; through new relationships; and social architects of meaning... because it is real meaning that generates real value

Shifting the leadership paradigm

Re-envisioning multi-value purpose in organizations

Disrupting the organizational system

Connecting a community of change-making experts

Unleash the collective potential
Building collaborative capacity to accelerate transformation that matters...



Our ambition is simple, yet powerful; we want to connect people and organizations to what really matters to them, and support them with the tools and perspectives to turn their purpose into reality. 
In this way, we want to bring intention together with action, and as a result create less waste and more effectiveness and abundance in our organizations and society

About Us

Match making network

SAM acts as a "global learning village"; we are an international network of experts, consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers, that share a common purpose: make our organisations and the world a richer place to live in, by doing good for ourselves, our neighbours and the planet. We are the example of value creation through renewned connection, and for every project, we work with a co-assigned community of experts, in partnership with our clients.
​We engage ourselves from the idea to the implementation, from revitalisation to start-up to transformation of existing and new systems. As long as we can support impact that creates good for all.


We want to connect the inner world of people and leaders with the outside grand challenges in business and society. Real value creation will happen at the intersection of both processes; they are mutually dependent from each other.

We connect people across their natural boundaries, where the untapped value is present; across sectoral, departmental, technogical and cultural boundaries, to discover common ground, common purpose and common value.



Our team

Being the example of collaborative capacity


Executive board

"Disruptively inspirational"

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Executive board

"Unconditionally trustworthy"



"A source of integrated knowledge and wisdom"




"Our living consciousness"


our story

Lieven Callewaert (1969) founded synco in 1995, becoming a partner of Leopold Vansina and Luc Hoebeke in the I.O.D.(International institute for organizational and social development). This institute formed Lievens foundation in systems thinking and multi-actor collaboration, bringing him both as a consultant and entrepreneur across the globe. In 2004, Synco co-founded the estate of "the Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren", with the purpose of bringing business and society closer to each other, and offer its value and service to a broader audience. This was the founding moment of becoming a broader, international organization, dedicated to societal impact. From then on, his life-time partner Judith Heezen also joined the organization. 

In 2009, the board became international, and started operating under the brand of Social Architects of Meaning, SAM, which grew out as a strong, international organization with offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and since the end of 2018 also on the West Coast of Canada. 

Today, SAMglv acts as a global network of collaborators and partners across all sectors and disciplines, creating "synergy through common ground" between leaders, organizations and communities, inspired and conducted by Lieven and Fabien (Vial)...



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